Does the tactical flashlight work?

A tactical flashlight is a good choice when it comes to a lighting choice that combines personal protection and self defense. If you are a camper, jogger, night jogger or hiker, you know the importance of having a good flashlight. Now imagine if this light can also calm you down, and if you have a last resort, you can protect yourself from attacks.
The tactical flashlight is an effective tool for self-defense. It can produce enough light to deter attackers, disorient them optically, or serve as a passive defense weapon. They are often used as everyday transportation or as a weapon to illuminate a target.
Originally designed as Permanent weapon anchor remains very effective as a light on the weapon.

Does the tactical flashlight work?

What is a Tactical Flashlight?

A tactical flashlight is not just an ordinary flashlight that you put in the kitchen, but you can also carry it in the event of a power outage. Tactical Flashlight Specially designed Use by duty personnel such as military, police, search and rescue and any other type of security or law enforcement agency.
One of the main difference between a tactical flashlight and a conventional flashlight Is very durable, Resistance to damage Metal housing. They are more compact, more robust, Military grade material To ensure maximum durability. are not only used for glow in the dark, they are also Super bright, long battery life.
Even if you’re not a military or police officer, don’t own a gun, pocket knife, or tactical flashlight. Can be your first line of defense- Yes. They are perfect. Legal and portable Enter theaters, offices, airplanes, etc., where firearms are not allowed.Let’s learn how to use tactical torches, armed or not.


What is a tactical flashlight used for?

As we mentioned earlier, the use of tactical flashlights is not limited to simple lighting. Tactical flashlights can be used for a variety of purposes
When a tactical flashlight was first designed, they did it on purpose. Attached to rifles, pistols and shotguns to aid in target identification in low light shooting applications.

What is a tactical flashlight used for?

A tactical flashlight allows shooters to aim the weapon and turn it on. The way to the goal No separate flashlight.
With a tactical flashlight, shooters, soldiers, and law enforcement can focus on a powerful beam to confuse their enemies.
Tactical flashlights are not used for military purposes and have several other functions. Here are some examples:


Tactical flashlights are sometimes overlooked in self-defense, but they can be very effective depending on how they are used. Darkness serves the interests of the attackerAnd increase their chances of carrying out their actions.
With a flashlight, you can easily find who is hiding in the dark. Eliminate this advantage. In most cases, just a powerful Light on the attackers will surprise them and scare them away. This is the main purpose of self-defense.
However, if a sudden beam causes The attacker rushed towards you. You can. Shines. A powerful beam of light Straight into their eyes, Temporary blindness and disorientation. By fighting your attacker, you have time to flee or protect yourself more.


Tactical flashlights are compact so they easily fit in your life Pockets, purses or backpacks.


If you find yourself Walking alone at night When you feel in danger, you can easily take a flashlight to illuminate the path you are walking. When Potential attacker See such a bright light, Their advantage is weakened, They will think twice before attacking you.
In addition to helping protect you from potential attackers, a bright tactical flashlight will give you an edge to better see your surroundings, perhaps to prevent your feet from falling into a rock or falling into an unexpected hole.

In case of emergency

Usually when there is a power outage. The first thing we need to take is a flashlight. Most of the time it is hidden behind the kitchen cabinet, in the cupboard, or under the sink .If your car broke down at night or you were involved in or witnessed an accident at night the first thing you will think about. It’s your flashlight.T.
In this case, an ordinary flashlight is a good choice Tactical flashlight is better- Yes. Strong beam of light will help you out of the difficult situation In case of danger, send a distress signal or escape safely.

Send a distress signal

As we mentioned earlier, tactical flashlights are very useful for sending distress signals. If you find yourself in an emergency situation When you feel lost or need help on the road, the first thing you think about is making noise over the phone Shouting or Moving Wave..
A tactical flashlight. Improve or replace these functions When they cannot be used At night – Yes. In the past, if you wanted to signal someone from a distance with a flashlight, you could put your hand in front of the light and move it around to simulate the Morse code on/off. Today, this functionality is built into a tactical flashlight through strobe and SOS functions.


What is a good tactical flashlight?

Ideally, your tactical flashlight should be compact, durable, have better output, and run longer – Yes. If not, it’s no different than a normal household flashlight.
Here’s what you should look for before considering a flashlight as a tactic:
Small and compact. You want something small enough to carry around easily. Your tactical flashlight should be in the palm of your hand. Your flashlight can’t be bigger than your palm.
Light output. For a tactical flashlight to work, it should produce enough light to confuse the attacker. You should aim for a flashlight of at least 120 Lumens
Raincoat. Tactical flashlights should be able to work in all weathers. It should be waterproof so that it won’t be damaged when used in the rain or other wet conditions.
Robust construction. Your tactical flashlight should be made of sturdy, durable materials that won’t bend, break, or shatter easily. Ideally, it should be aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s a tough, lightweight metal.
Type of led bulb. LED bulbs are definitely the best choice. Incandescent bulbs are not very energy efficient. LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs and consume less battery power. Plus, LEDs are more powerful, like a tank, and aren’t as likely to break as an incandescent bulb.
Light mode. A good tactical flashlight should have a strobe mode that allows you to flash very quickly at regular intervals. If the light is bright, it causes irritating glare and disorients everyone. You can also use it to send a warning signal. distress
Battery. The type of battery used by the flashlight affects its run time, light output and overall performance.Tactical flashlights use multiple batteries, but Lithium-ion batteries have been known to have a longer lifespan than others.

What is a good tactical flashlight?

Tactical flashlights – outdoor hidden weapons

Now that you know you’re going to be in the dark anyway, why not grab a tactical flashlight.
In dim light. It may seem unnecessary at first, because every time you carry a flashlight, you may not be in stealth mode and your Ninja skills are activated in an instant. is ready to be attacked, but God knows it will happen.
It happens when people least expect it, especially when you’re in a less than ideal state, like in the dark, when you’re more vulnerable. Since someone took you by surprise in the dark, why not get caught?
Protect yourself:

Events: camping
Situation: Go pissing in the woods at night and come across a beast
Illuminate animals with bright light, surprise predators, situations where they can leave
The animals tried to bite you, scratch you, protect you with a blunt object, and you ran away.
You are injured, you cannot walk, but you can send a distress signal and someone can help you get medical attention
Events: Regular Bedtime
SituationYou begin to fall asleep hearing broken windows and intruders entering.
You put your tactical torch in the nightstand, you take it out, you turn it on, you point it in their direction, and you arrest a thief. They got away with nothing.
You turn off your lamp, you hide, you bide your time, you protect yourself physically, if necessary.
You go to your safe, dial your code, pull out your gun with a tactical flashlight and tell them, “get out!”. Then, in the dark, you open your shotgun to break the silence and make a more “serious” noise that will help stop a large proportion of would-be thieves. If you still need to get involved, you have a very bright light that can be set to a specific “mode” depending on which lighted hand you want .In this case, as long as you know what is around you, you can set the tactical flashlight to strobe mode, which can help you confuse the intruder and let you go to the next step, whether it whether fatal or not.
There are thousands of different situations where a tactical light can be a lifesaver, there’s one that puts you in a better plan, and hopefully all you need to use is how to light yourself up, but you never know

A word about Lumen

It is a measure. Total amount of light emitted by the flashlight – Yes. So… Higher This one. Lumen, from The Light This One. Flashlight- Yes. But how many lumens should a tactical flashlight have? Until you hit the 200 – 400 lumen range, you don’t have enough working light to be considered tactical .
Interpreting Lumens and Calculating Brightness are some of the more complex topics. We have lots of resources on this blog, if you want to Learn more about Lumen For more details see our other article titled: How Much many lumens do the work lights need?”

How to Effectively Use the Tactical Flashlight to Defend Yourself

Using a tactical flashlight seems obvious, but there are ways to use it more effectively.

How to Use a Tactical Flashlight in a Dark Space

When you hear a strange noise in the dark and believe you are in danger or there is a problem, your tactical flashlight may harm you if you keep it on in this situation. If you spin it, you show your location and make an easy target. Here’s how to use a flashlight in the dark:
1. Don’t move.
2.Turn on the flashlight.
3.Quickly scan the environment and find threats.
4.Turn off the light.
5. Move unpredictably.
6. I repeat.
Armed intruders can shoot or attack where they last saw the light. Quickly turning off the lights and moving will put you at a safe distance from your threat target.

How to use a tactical flashlight with bare hands

When you don’t have a weapon, knife, or other major self-defense tool, your flashlight can still be an effective self-defense tool.
When in contact with a threat, shine a ray of light at their face.
The bright light will temporarily blind and disorient him, giving you plenty of time to flee or attack your attacker. If you don’t have unarmed combat training, your best option is to flee.
If you can attack your attacker, a quick and severe blow to their face should be enough to render them unable to escape. Sometimes the only thing you need to do is kick them in the groin or knee too loud as possible. He doesn’t know what will happen, because the light will temporarily narrow his pupils.

Tactical torch technology

Depending on the circumstances, you can use several methods to hold the flashlight. The most important thing is to know what works best for you and your environment.
Although most of these techniques are used with pistols, you can still use them if you are in a defensive position or encounter an attacker.

FBI Technology

As the name suggests, FBI technology was developed by FBI agents to protect against firearms that target the spotlight.
If you suspect someone is aiming at you, you can use FBI technology. The trick is to hold the flashlight away from the body with the other hand. This technique is most suitable for search situations, because the blinking of your muzzle indicates your position as you shoot.
Also, because your arms stretch away from the body, you probably won’t be in the most balanced shooting position.

Neck index position

It is FBI technical progress. In FBI technique, you have to hold a torch with one hand and shoot with the other. It is not so effective, it may affect your stability and accuracy.
Using the neck index technique, you pull the flashlight to your chin while you shoot. This makes you more stable and more accurate, as you can aim with your hands. other places.

Harris Technology

This technique involves simultaneously aiming a flashlight and firing your weapon. This gives you more stability because your shooter is aiming the flashlight in the hand. Ideally, you should be aiming your weapon with your strong hand.
The downside to this technique is that an attacker can shoot a light source near your body.
Whatever technique you choose to use, it’s best to use it for practice and to make sure you’re good at it. It might just be what you need to survive in dangerous situations.


The tactical flashlight is a perfect addition to your self-defense tools. It’s more than that. Lighting You must be in a dangerous situation, but it can also As a first line of defense Against attackers. He did this without threatening others.


A tactical flashlight too. For all occasions For example, emergency, night lighting and distress signals. However, you must know how to use them correctly, otherwise they will be bad for you.
Also, your tactical flashlight should be small and compact, waterproof, with different light modes, rugged, with powerful light output and long battery life. This one. stkr concept dual led tactical flashlight Features listed above are almost all ideal flashlights you should have.

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