Hiking Shoes And Boots: Top 10 Most Popular Brands

Each brand offers hiking shoes and boots that offer unique benefits and technologies to those who wear them.

Each brand offers hiking shoes and boots that offer unique benefits and technologies to those who wear them. To make your life easier, we’ve broken down our 10 most popular brands so you can explore on the right foot.

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Hiking Shoes And Boots: Top 10 Most Popular Brands

Note: the brands below are listed in alphabetical order and not in order of performance or popularity in order to preserve neutrality in the comments made in this article.

In this article, you will learn more about these brands of hiking boots and shoes:

1. Aku
4. Lowa
5. Merrell
6. Oboz
7. Solomon
8. The North Face
9. Basin
10. Zamberlan

1. Aku

It is on Italian soil that the founder of AKU, Galliano Bordin, set up his workshop. Today, the brand has two factories – one in Montebelluna, Italy, the other in Cluj-Napoca, Romania – and it wins over outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. The guideline: to innovate in terms of materials and design without losing the “artisanal” aspect in the making of each of the boots and shoes that make it famous.


For who? If you like attention to detail, you will be delighted to know that the AKU models are made in Italy and that their upper is made of full grain leather, a high quality material.

Technology to watch? MICHELIN Pulsar rubber outsoles which were developed by tire giant MICHELIN exclusively for AKU. Inspired by mountain bike tires, these soles allow hikers to propel themselves while providing superior grip on all types of surfaces.

The most popular models? The GTX Tribute II hiking boots for men and the Tribute II LTR hiking boots for women.


Columbia has been dressing you from head to toe for over 80 years. If the originally American brand is well known for its ski clothing, it is starting to take the lead in the field of hiking with aerodynamic and colorful shoe models, and more classic boots offering increased ankle support.


For who? Boutentrains and lovers of sports shoes that look like espadrilles. The brand also offers a few models for wide feet.

Technology to watch? The Techlite+™ system in extra light foam that reacts to movement and offers good energy return and excellent cushioning.

The most popular models? Peakfreak™ waterproof hiking boots for men and women.


The qualifier “commitment” fits well with Keen. Founded in Oregon in 2003 and known for its protective Newport sandal, the company continually strives to make a positive social and environmental impact. Since 2017, it has minimized the use of perfluorinated compounds, synthetic chemical substances harmful to the planet and humans by replacing them with safe materials.


For who? A committed brand, does that speak to you? Keen is for you. The brand is also perfect for families, as it offers hiking shoes and boots for young and old alike.

Technology to watch? The KEEN.Dry waterproof membrane that protects against water while letting the foot breathe.

The most popular models? The Targhee II Mid waterproof hiking boots for men and the Terradora II Vent hiking shoes for women.

4. Lowa

If you do not yet know Lowa, you will have to remember that the small Bavarian workshop, almost a century old, is today a major established brand renowned for the high quality of its hiking boots, mountaineering boots and climbing shoes. The brand is determined to design its products in Europe in order to guarantee an unparalleled level of quality and good working conditions for the craftsmen who contribute to the reputation of the brand.


For who? Adventurers looking for performance and quality as high as the peaks they climb. Hiking enthusiasts with wide feet will also be served by the widened models.

Technology to watch? Double Injection which consists of a complex injection process using two different layers.
Results? More comfort and optimal cushioning.

The most popular models? The GTX Renegade Mid hiking boots for men and women.

5. Merrell

If you see the traditional leather boot with blue laces in mind when you think of Merrell, it’s because the brand is a leader in hiking and stands out for its unique style, versatility and remarkable durability. shoes and boots. Not for nothing did the brand celebrate its 40th anniversary!


For who? Long-time hikers who love classic Merrell-specific designs and new enthusiasts who want durability but a fresh look. The brand also offers hiking shoes for wide feet.

Technology to watch? The M-Select DRY technology allows you to hit the trails even in the rain, as it prevents water from entering while allowing moisture to escape in order to keep your feet dry.

The most popular models? Moab 3 waterproof hiking boots for men (this latest generation of Moab is the most environmentally friendly, using recycled materials in its design) and Gore-Tex Moab Speed ​​waterproof hiking boots for women.

6. Oboz

Did you know that the contraction of the terms Outside and Bozeman, the American city where the brand was born, forms the name Oboz? Established since 2007, the brand offers a host of shoe styles and promises to plant a tree for every pair sold.


For who? Those who care about choosing eco-responsible brands. The brand also offers hiking shoes for wide feet.

Technology to watch? The O FIT Insole ™ Plus insole made of ethylene and vinyl acetate (EVA) polymers maximizes the stability of the foot; its medium arch and reinforced heel cup cushion shock during high-impact hikes.

The most popular models? Bridger hiking shoes for men and Yellowstone Premium Mid hiking boots for women.

7. Solomon

For 75 years, the French brand has equipped you to hit the ski slopes. In addition to having diversified its fields of expertise to other areas related to skiing – cross-country skiing, ski touring, snowboarding, etc. –, the brand introduced hiking shoes to its range in 1992.


For who? Outdoor enthusiasts who like to have fun in nature and who are eager for innovation and evolution.

Technology to watch? The ADV-C high frame protects and stabilizes the ankle and foot joints without restricting movement so the forefoot can benefit from a smoother ride.

The most popular models? The Gore-Tex X Ultra 4 hiking shoes for men (wide) and the Gore-Tex X Ultra 4 hiking shoes for women.

8. The North Face

Ironically founded on a beach in California by two hiking enthusiasts, The North Face conquers sports enthusiasts and lovers of dizzying ascents as fans of athletic fashion from North to South.

The North Face

For who? Adventurous hikers looking for state-of-the-art models that go off the beaten track.

Technology to watch? The Vectiv chainring has been specifically designed to maximize your energy when you’re on the trails, as its architecture helps maintain quick and smooth motion on flat terrain, stability and responsiveness on descents while minimizing tibial impact .

The most popular models? The Vectiv Exploris Futurelight waterproof hiking boots for men and the Activist Futurelight hiking shoes for women.

9. Basin

Vasque has been taking you where you want to go for over 55 years and it’s the spirit of adventure and the power of nature that tints every pair of shoes and boots produced by the American company.


For who? Those who like to venture off the slopes and seek to reach new heights.

Technology to watch? The Vibram® sole system, also seen in other manufacturers of hiking shoes and boots, which offers excellent traction and unparalleled grip.

The most popular models? St. Elias Gore-Tex hiking boots for men and Talus AT Ultradry leather hiking boots for women.

10. Zamberlan

A little less well known than some other outdoor brands, the Italian company is nevertheless well established and run by the third generation of the Zamberlan family. Each boot model proudly exhibits craftsmanship, attention to detail and rounded curves, the signature of this brand is here to stay.


For who? Adventurers looking for unique high quality boots.

Technology to watch? The Zamberlan® RRS rubber reinforcement and protective membrane that protects against the onslaught of rocks and keeps the tips of the feet protected from water.

The most popular models? The Gore-Tex 205 Stroll hiking shoes for men and the Gore-Tex 333 Frida hiking boots for women.

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