How to Choose a Tactical Backpack?

In recent years, tactical backpacks have become a trend, and more and more people use military-use backpacks and equipment in their daily lives; the durability, toughness and Molle system of military-standard equipment are the main reasons for its popularity.

But the biggest problem with many military brands is that the equipment they produce is actually designed for the battlefield, and what you need is daily carrying, hiking, traveling, and business trips. These tactical backpacks designed for various battles may not necessarily Can meet all your needs.

How to choose a tactical backpack

Understand the needs first, then find the package
To find the right tactical backpack, you must first understand your actual needs. A military backpack that has actually been on the battlefield, must it meet the needs of daily life? Not so.

How to choose a military tactical backpack?

Why do so few people use real military backpacks for daily use? The main reason is very simple. A backpack that can meet a certain war mission may be perfect for installing explosives or amphibious tasks, but it may not be suitable for holding your laptop or mobile phone, nor for hiking.

How to choose a military tactical backpack

Another important reason is that these backpacks are mainly designed to meet the mission of war, often sacrificing fashion and design sense, you will not want to wear such a backpack to match your trendy clothes, nor do you want to wear it. Go for a commute or a date.

A tactical backpack that can be used by modern people should be able to extract the advantages of military tactical backpacks such as toughness, durability, and mounting system, eliminate some functions that are not needed in life, and strengthen the appearance design of the backpack and the convenience of storage and retrieval. And so on, in order to create a backpack that meets the daily carrying needs of modern people.

After you know your needs, you need to know how to choose a good tactical backpack.

9 Elements of Choosing a Tactical Backpack

Basically, the material, design and production method of the tactical backpack determine the quality of the backpack. Before purchasing, you must pay attention to the following factors.


The fabrics used in military tactical backpacks have many characteristics, but some of them are not practical for modern people. After all, you don’t really want to carry a backpack on the battlefield, so you don’t need anti-infrared detection or bulletproof and fireproof functions. It’s worth adding weight to these unused features.

Tactical Backpack Cloth
The wear resistance and water resistance of tactical backpacks are very powerful and practical in daily life, but it should be noted that the more wear-resistant and waterproof the fabric, the better, because the more wear-resistant the fabric is, the heavier it is. Tough and waterproof, but it will cause the backpack to be heavier when empty.

The use of high-denier CORDURA nylon fabric can provide the three major advantages of backpack strength, wear resistance and waterproofing. In addition, CORDURA nylon fabric has another major feature that it is not easy to fade, and has very high color fastness; fabrics with low grades may be Fading or even staining will occur with time and sunlight. These are all unpleasant situations, so pay special attention to the quality of the fabric when choosing.


Why is the buckle of the tactical backpack so special? In a backpack for the battlefield, in addition to being strong and resistant to falling, the tightness of the buckle is also very important. If ordinary buckles are used, they will make noise when running on the battlefield. It is too dangerous for them; and such a feature can greatly increase the strength and refinement of the buckle in a modern backpack.

Tactical Backpack Buckles


For tactical backpacks that are often filled with various items, the matching of zippers is also very important. What are the benefits of using large zippers? Whether the backpack is too full, or the U-shaped turning point that is common in backpacks, the strong bite of the large zipper can easily pull the backpack in these situations.

Tactical Backpack Zipper

Molle system

The mil-spec Molle system webbing creates the unique look of the tactical backpack, and the Molle system effectively allows you to carry all the accessories you need, such as pouches, cell phone pockets, water bottle bags, glasses, clasps, and more.

Molle system can be said to be a major feature of tactical backpacks. This function is very convenient to use during travel, allowing you to freely assemble your backpack according to your personal needs. Each backpack mounted has its own characteristics and is very practical.

sewing method

In order for the webbing of the tactical backpack to carry the weight of the external accessories, the sewing method often needs to be more elaborate; in particular, the focus of attention is on the connection between the webbing and the bag body. A high-quality tactical backpack will use Z-shape to repeatedly strengthen the sewing and textile. The proper name is Bartacks, and the industry is known as a knotted cart; this allows the Molle webbing of the tactical pack to withstand the weight of various accessories attached.

Carrying comfort

Tactical backpacks usually carry a lot of weight. To be able to share the weight on your shoulders, and to carry them comfortably, you need to pay special attention to everything from shoulder straps, back pads to buckles. The width and thickness of the shoulder straps must be moderate to distribute the gravity evenly. The shoulder straps that are too narrow or too flat are difficult to support the heavy objects in the backpack.

tactical backpack carrying comfort

The back pad and back pad mesh need to choose materials that are not easy to collapse and can be breathable, so as to provide cushioning for the pressure of heavy objects and allow your shoulders to breathe, otherwise it will easily cause a burden on your shoulders.

Design beauty

In line with modern aesthetics
As mentioned earlier, the original purpose of military tactical backpacks is to complete combat functionality, so it often sacrifices design aesthetics; of course, everyone has their own set of aesthetics, but if you don’t really To carry a backpack on the battlefield, it is more practical to choose a backpack that conforms to the aesthetics of modern life, and it is also better to match your daily wear.

Color selection

Another aspect that needs to be considered is the color system. Military tactical backpacks will use various camouflage colors that allow soldiers to be perfectly invisible according to different battlefield environment colors, but many colors are too aggressive for urbanites.
Velcro Design
In addition, sticking various velcro patches on the backpack is also an improvement from the original design of the armed forces. Many people like to decorate their backpacks like this. They can easily tear off and stick different patches, which is very in line with modern people’s love for custom styles. Your preferences can also be changed arbitrarily with different daily wear styles.

Storage function

Many tactical backpacks of troops have a cache function, but many are designed for wartime equipment, which may not be suitable for the daily use habits of modern people; bag, so that you can spread out the backpack and quickly find the items you need; if you have the habit of carrying all kinds of EDC items out, or you want to carry all kinds of small life items for multi-day travel, you can choose a backpack with multi-level storage function. Allows you to properly categorize numerous items.

Tactical backpack storage functions

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