How To Choose A Tactical Jacket

Most people associate tactical clothing with military or police activities. However, the properties of this type of clothing go much further, and it is aimed at profiles such as motorcyclists, hunters, mountaineers…

Tactical clothing is indispensable in many situations and circumstances!

Thus, today, to know what factors are necessary to evaluate when choosing a tactical jacket, we will review some elements to take into account. Do you stay to meet them?

How To Choose A Tactical Jacket

The importance of wearing tactical jackets

Whether the activity to be carried out is a hobby, an adventure, an outdoor mission or you are a professional who uses tactical jackets, there is certain outdoor tactical equipment that you cannot ignore.

And it is that, when you face a specific activity like these, quality tactical equipment is required, which allows you to act and enjoy the total performance of the task with the security of being well prepared.

Just as in an office you have the necessary utensils and technologies to carry out the work, the most extreme activities require another type of preparation. Do not you think?

How to choose the best tactical jacket option?

Typically, extreme activities require tactical jackets to be worn for hours. It will be worth paying attention to a garment like this, since in many cases it will mean a differentiating aspect in the safety, protection and performance of the activity.

Take note!


Impossible to perform an activity correctly if you feel uncomfortable… so, this is the first point to comment. A tactical jacket must be charged for many hours, therefore, we must bear in mind that, with it, we can perfectly carry out all kinds of movements.

Check the weight of the garment, as it should allow you complete freedom of movement. Not only do we have to take into account protection, but also conformity and acclimatization, because physical exercise must be able to be carried out with ease.

The equipment must not only be synonymous with protection, but also with comfort and acclimatization, to perform the exercises with ease and find yourself with freedom of movement.


The importance of fabric in tactical clothing, and more specifically in a tactical jacket, will make the difference. Therefore, it will be essential to take into account what materials this garment has been made with.

They must be flexible materials so that the jacket allows you to comply with the previous point (comfort). In addition, it must be resistant and related to the type of situations that you are going to face in the activity to be carried out.

For example, if you’re going to be working outdoors, they may need a waterproof tactical jacket; or if your day may take place near a fire, perhaps what you need is a jacket made of fireproof materials.


A good tactical jacket, in addition to meeting the above factors, should allow us to carry with us everything we need in our activity. Check that the chosen garment has all kinds of pockets (both visible and hidden).

Ideally, these should be closed with a zipper. Thanks to it, you will not only keep your objects better protected, but you will also avoid losing them at the end of the day.

A jacket that meets your needs

The great technological advances of the textile fibers that make up our tactical equipment have marked an evolution in the textile field as we knew it.

Thus, at 707 Tactical Gear you can find a jacket that meets your needs. Every outdoor activity, without the necessary tactical equipment, can be dangerous.

Security is not a game, we help you find the tactical jacket you need.

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