Military berets: how to recognize them?

Military berets are headgear used to distinguish the different army corps. Even if its origin is still rather vague, it is recognized to be an integral part of a military outfit.

Each part of the army has their own color of berets. Likewise, the use of a color changes according to the country. Let’s see together in this article how to recognize military berets.

Who in the military uses the blue beret?

Some shades of the color blue are used in the army:

  • Royal blue, the military beret of this color is used by light aviation;
  • The light blue beret belongs to the European Gendarmerie;
  • In Belgium, the navy blue beret is worn by the Navy, the blue-grey color is reserved for electrical technicians. Those in light blue are intended for logistics units.
  • In Germany, the blue beret is specially dedicated to medical corps.

The dark blue military beret for some battalions

The dark blue military beret for some battalions

The military beret with a dark blue color has other attributions. It is used by several infantry regiments up to rifle commandos. It is notably carried by:

  • Air parachute commandos;
  • The corps of expert officers;
  • Hunters on foot;
  • The special framework;
  • Artillery units;
  • Hunters on foot.

In the United States, the dark navy blue beret is used by security forces.

What is the color of the French army beret?

The black military beret is used by the battalions of hunters, but also by the infantry regiment in France.

In Belgium, it is used for the armored troop.

Who wears red berets in the military?

The red military beret is also called amaranth, it is worn by gliding professionals. It is the headgear of preference for paratroopers and airborne units. The version in wine red color is intended for the troops of the special grouped force and the para-commando regiment.

The one in bright red is worn by military police units.

Who uses the green colored beret?

Who uses the green colored beret?

The legion green military beret is intended for legion units and more specifically for special forces. The one in dark green will be worn by Marine commandos. The model of this headgear in pine green is reserved for hunters in Africa.

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