Military Equipment: The Different Types Of Military Combat Vest

The combat vest or tactical vest has become an essential accessory for the military, law enforcement or security guards on a daily basis. It will allow you to safely carry with you a maximum of accessories and tactical equipment necessary for the exercise of your activity (Chargers, first aid accessories, survival knife, defense stick, multi-function pliers, …) and to grasp it quickly. There are different types of more or less complete military combat vest, modular or not, with or without the possibility of ballistic protection, etc… Your online military store QG Store invites you to discover the different existing types.

Military Equipment: The Different Types Of Military Combat Vest

Military straps

The military brelage will offer you wearing comfort and a very light combat vest version. Thanks to its combination with a military belt you would have a perfect balance and maintains your military equipment. Fully modular you will have the choice of accessories to take with you thanks to the universal Molle attachments. The disadvantages are the low possibility of carrying and the impossibility of wearing ballistic protection. The Arès brand Cam CE military harness + military belt set has an excellent quality/price ratio. You can accompany it with a set of military pouches and Molle accessories.

Ares Cam Ce Military Molle Brace

military combat belts

Military belts are an alternative to military straps or tactical vests, but you will have a limited carrying capacity. Very comfortable because they are padded, you can fully adjust the configuration according to the military accessories you wish to carry, thanks to the universal Molle attachments. The military belt can be used to complement its combat vest and improve the distribution of the total weight of your equipment and thus improve your balance. Used alone, you will not be able to take ballistic protection with you and without military strapping, the combat belt can move a lot during your travels. Your online military store recommends the very resistant and comfortable combat belt from the high-end Italian brand Defcon 5. With 3 levels of universal Molle attachments, you can perfectly adjust your military pouches, holster or military accessory holder.

Military Molle Belt Defcon 5 Od Green

“Chest Rig” combat vests

The tactical vests called “Chest Rig” are lighter and less bulky vests for the wearer, however as the back is clear you will not be able to take ballistic protection with you. The advantage of this type of combat vest is that they are often compatible with “Frag” type equipment protections and will allow you to carry a military backpack without discomfort. Chest rigs are often sold without military pouches and will require an additional investment in molle accessories but will allow you to fully customize your tactical vest to suit your needs. We recommend the MKII model from the Tasmanian Tiger brand. This very light and comfortable combat vest is worn close to the body and is equipped with 4 type 5.56 double magazine pouches with removable retaining tabs, as well as 2 multi-use side pockets. Fully covered with Molle fasteners that will allow you to increase the carrying capacity of military vest glass.

Chest Rig Mkii Tasmanian Tiger Od Green Tactical Vest

Plate carrier combat vests or “Plate carrier”

The main feature of tactical plate carrier vests is the possibility of carrying a wide range of ballistic protection plates, this plate carrier is thus similar to a bulletproof vest. They are rarely sold with original military pouches or magazine pouches, but you can easily complete it because they are covered with Molle attachments. This type of combat vest is worn close to the body for optimal support and better effectiveness of ballistic plates. The Defcon 5 brand offers an excellent plate carrier vest set with high-end military belt for perfect support and the possibility of carrying a large number of military accessories with you.

Tactical Vest With Plate Carrier And Molle Belt Defcon 5 Od Green

“Multi-function” combat vests

There are a large number of multi-purpose military combat vests already equipped with military pouches and magazine pouches ready to use and which will cost you less than taking a tactical vest sold without Molle accessories. They are most of the time fully modular thanks to the soft bindings and benefit from a system allowing the combat vest to be switched from an integral plate carrier mode (front and rear) to a “chest rig” vest that is lighter and more comfortable for its user.

Tactical Vest Evolution Recon Harness Defcon 5 Od GreenTactical Vest Recon Harness Defcon 5 Coyote

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