Recommend Six Top Tactical Knives

Special forces, as the name suggests, are “special warfare” squads that use elite soldiers to complete special tasks in the future. They are all battle-hardened warriors, well-trained and capable of using any weapon. Perfect cooperation to complete various tasks that are impossible to complete. In special operations, there is such a weapon that is their favorite, and that is the “tactical knife”. Although it is a knife, its manufacturing precision and use effect are very different.

top tactical knife

Today, we will take stock of the “tactical knife”, also known as the third hand of “special forces”.

Mad Dog ATAK – “Mad Dog” Advanced Tactical Assault Knife

When it comes to the “Mad Dog” assault knife, you probably haven’t heard of it, and when it comes to the “SEAL team”, I believe everyone is familiar with it. That’s right, this knife is equipped with the “SEAL team”. This knife is made of “Starrett 496-O1 high carbon tool steel”, which has been specially processed to have a very high degree of sharpness, and it is not an exaggeration to cut iron like mud. The handle of the knife is made of “glass fiber and epoxy resin composite material”, which can withstand baking at 300 degrees without deformation, and has outstanding pressure resistance and striking ability. It is an indomitable “treasure knife”.

Mad Dog ATAK Mad Dog Advanced Tactical Assault Knife

There are several versions of this knife, which can carry different types of knives according to the needs of different tasks, and the knife is specially plated, and the blade is chrome-plated, which has very good corrosion resistance. This knife provides different support for “seals” in many cases. When fighting in the field, it can be a machete that cuts through thorns, an axe that opens doors and locks, or a third hand for close combat.

emerson commander Commander – Advanced Tactical Jackknife

The “Commander” tactical folding knife was designed and produced by the world’s first knife factory “emerson”. It was originally designed for the needs of “special operations”. This knife has given too much mysterious power. Very serious, choose high-grade materials as the main material of the knife, join the modern manufacturing work, go through a variety of heat treatment methods, and after manual grinding, once it came out, it was favored by the “special forces”, and now it is equipped in elite troops around the world, such as The “Delta Force” uses the “Commander” as a tactical knife.

emerson commander Commander - Advanced Tactical Jackknife

This knife is actually a highly “comprehensive” knife. It has a wavy blade and dragon teeth. It can “saw wood” and provide special support for field teams. The wave blade shape and dragon tooth sawtooth can also cause greater damage to the enemy, and the wound is not easy to heal. This knife has a civilian version, but the civilian version is not particularly good, but can meet simple outdoor needs.

Strider BT SEAL 2001 – Field Knife

Strider BT SEAL 2001 – field knife, in fact, it is easy to identify. This knife is improved on the basis of “Strider” BT. The difference between the two knives is that the “field knife” has large serrations on the back, while the “Strider” “BT is a small back tooth. The characteristics of this knife are toughness and sharpness. It is made of ast-34 steel. After repeated and timely processing, special materials are added, and it is carefully processed. The blade of this knife has a large number of “camouflage” layers. It has a good degree of recognition, and on the other hand, it has strong corrosion resistance.

Strider BT SEAL 2001 - Field Knife

In the “Strider” family, field knives, specially developed for “field operations” troops, have strong field survivability, serrated backs, can cut through branches, and longer blades can also be used for piercing. The enemy’s weapon, and this knife is very sharp. After technical cutting and various processing, this knife has strong toughness and is not easy to break. It is the helper of the “special forces”. It is reported that this knife is equipped in the “Beret” troops. There are also a small number of exports.

Strider Combat Knife

Strider Combat Knife, when you see the name, you must know that this knife is for “fighting”. The knife is made of integrated steel. After special quenching technology, it is not easy to break. Under careful polishing, it is extremely sharp. The handle adopts the rope winding method, which can also be changed according to personal preferences. Even under such extreme conditions, it still has very good results, and it is not easy to break, lack of corners, etc. even under the conditions of violent use of knives.

Strider Combat Knife

Strider combat knives have different versions in different applications, and the equipment of the model will be selected according to the corresponding occasion. The evaluation of it is also very high, and it is evaluated as “the most suitable users of these high-end knives are those tough guys — these knives. The design is really tough.” The Strider combat knife is widely used, and has been equipped on the special forces members of multiple and multi-arms such as “sea seals, green berets, SAS commandos”.

TOPS 906 Cutting Edge Tactics – Alaska Whaling Fork

Looking at the name, it is not difficult for everyone to imagine that its origin is a saber designed according to the needs of “special operations” and the structural principle of “whaling fork”. This knife, with its rough appearance, is very attractive compared with a folding knife. It is made of high-grade materials, with a sturdy appearance, a sharp blade, and a strong output ability in cooperation. The love of special forces has also fascinated a large number of military fans. There is no gorgeous appearance, but it has powerful output ability, simple but not simple, rough but not rough, it is a delicate knife. Can meet various special needs.

TOPS 906 Cutting Edge Tactics - Alaska Whaling Fork

This knife is produced under difficult conditions such as coping, jungle warfare, and survival. It is a knife developed by various special forces members through personal experience. It is made of special steel and processed by a general “PUBG Mobile”. equipment. Revered since its inception, this model focuses on very real qualities of strength, strength and resistance to wear and corrosion. However, this knife is only used in a small range, because its manufacturing process is complicated, and for better protection technology, it is used in top “special forces”, such as “Delta, SAS, KHK” and other elite forces.

“Hell’s Guard” Tactical Double-Edged Knife

The Hellguard Tactical Double-Edged Knife, also known as the G1, is a new type of double-edged fighting knife. The steel used for the G1 is VG-10 stainless steel, and it is also the only mass-produced fighting knife to use this famous high-grade steel. The black Teflon coating eliminates reflection, which is a big taboo in fighting knives, and enhances the blade’s ability to resist corrosion. Strictly speaking, this is a “dagger”, but when designing this dagger, a lot of human mechanics were considered. The process is very comfortable. During use, you must wear a good “scabbard”, otherwise you will easily hurt yourself.

Hell Guard Tactical Double-Edged Knife

But this knife cannot be projected like a dart, because of the design, the handle is heavier, (don’t be misled by the plot in the movie). The G1 is a new double-edged fighting knife that, despite its small size, is the most powerful fighting tool in its size class. And its application is also relatively extensive, it has been equipped in the “SAS” troops, and the first batch is equipped in the elite.

The above knives are the favorites of “special forces”, and they have also received good market feedback in actual combat, but these knives are hard to see in the market, even “military fans” can only see , cannot have.

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