Tactical Pants With Knee Protection | The Story Behind The Design


The currently common knee and elbow pads combine a more or less thick plastic plate with a soft/flexible base material.

In most cases, both are connected to each other and, in the newer variants, are inserted into pockets of the garment, or, as in older systems, are buckled into position with elastic straps.

Just like the older systems, most knee protectors of the newer systems have to be fixed in the desired position with straps and straps.

It can be a real inconvenience when you have to wear buckled armor for long periods of time.

Tactical Pants With Knee Protection

Let’s look at these two systems from the point of view of protection efficiency.

As a basic rule for any type of protective equipment, let us remember a simple but crucial rule of thumb by which one should judge the effectiveness of protective equipment.

It goes back to the inventor of the undergarment, Richard Davis.

Accordingly, the efficiency of the protection is determined by 3 factors:

  1. The protective effect of the technology used in each case, i.e. the technological protective effect
  2. The body surface covered by the protective gear
  3. The time during which protective equipment is worn in the position to be protected


Protection efficiency = Technological protection x Covered area x Time

This formula, known to specialists in the field of protective vests as “Richard Davies Axiom”, naturally also applies to other protective systems to the same extent, and therefore also to knee protectors.

Protection efficiency = Technological protection x Covered area x Time

Put simply, the axiom expresses the fact that only protection that is actually worn can provide protection.

It is also crucial for effective protection that it also covers the parts of the body that it is intended to protect. And finally, of course, the effective protection potential of the technology must also be taken into account.

However, the best protection is of no use to anyone if it is not worn for reasons of comfort. And that’s the crux of most protection systems.

Ultimately, this means that only protection that is worn constantly and in the right position can protect effectively, even if the protective performance of the technology used is not at the highest level.

The Uf Pro Tactical Knee Protection System

Since the wearing comfort of many systems is so severely impaired that you cannot wear them permanently in the appropriate position, because they chafe on longer marches in the heat and dust, you run the risk that they are not there where you need them, when you need them.

Due to its much better wearing comfort, the clear advantage of a soft and flexible protector is that it is much more comfortable to wear, and it is therefore easier to wear it over longer periods of time.

This automatically improves the efficiency of the protective effect in favor of the soft and flexible protection compared to a hard shell or inflexible systems, even if the soft and flexible protector would perform worse in terms of technological protective effect.

This shifts all the more in favor of the flexible system, the more straps and velcros are necessary to fix the protector in the right position, since each additional impairment of the wearing comfort, the acceptance of the protector by the wearer and thus the wearing time is even more restricted.

We based the development of our new UF PRO knee protection system on these findings.

The Uf Pro Tactical Knee Protection System

A flexible and a compact protector can be pushed individually into the specially shaped knee area of ​​the pants and always remain in the correct position without adjustment or fixation.

The wearing comfort is almost unaffected, so that the protectors can be worn constantly without restrictions.

On the other hand, the technological protective effect of the two protectors together is on a comparable level with conventional systems.

The UF PRO knee protection system thus offers significantly improved protection efficiency in terms of the “Richard Davis Axioms” and the real test of a professional.

Comfort & Reliability

We believe that tactical personnel in particular need reliable knee protection against impact. In order to be worn permanently, it must be comfortable.

We therefore looked for something that was light, flexible, air permeable and at the same time had very efficient shock absorbing properties.

After testing some inflexible solutions and various neoprene alternatives in the field, we concluded that building your own solution is the best way to move forward.

The combination of our proprietary knee protection and the anatomical fit of our pants created a reliable, efficient unit that ensures the protectors stay in place and are always where they are needed, with no straps, Velcro or buckles.

Now the creation of our own shape for inserts was also on the table.

We created the unique 3D multi-dimensional shape that conforms to the knee area, seamlessly connecting the knee pad to the tactical pant.

As materials we have chosen the energy-absorbing PU foam, which is based on a first-class foam technology that hardens immediately in the event of an impact, thus reducing the impact forces to a minimum.

Thanks to the high flexibility of the PU foam, the protectors constantly reshape themselves according to the wearer’s knee geometry.

Although the energy absorbing or IMPACT 3D Tactical knee pads as we call them have a firmer structure, they still offer a high level of comfort.

To complete the system, we had to ensure additional protection against sharp objects that could injure your knee and severely damage your mobility.

We have developed smaller Solid Pads that work hand in hand with the 3D Tactical Knee Pads.

In order to maintain the flexibility of the whole system, the smaller penetration resistant pads are themselves flexible. Their surface is optimized to protect your kneecaps, which perfectly matches the anatomical design of our pants.

This modular system allows the wearer to choose their own level of protection while maintaining comfort and maximizing the wear time of the protection.

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