The Best Survival Jacket For Your Next Bushcraft Adventure

In the wilderness, the weather can change in a matter of moments. It is therefore important that you always have the right survival gear and the perfect survival jacket with you.

In this blog post, we go over the most important things that a bushcraft enthusiast should have in their survival kit. We also take a look at some of the best survival jackets available to keep you warm and protected no matter what nature throws at you.

What Is Bushcraft?

Bushcraft is a term used to describe the skills needed to survive in the wilderness. These skills have traditionally been used by people in rural areas.

In recent years, however, bushcraft has also become popular outside of rural areas. This is because more and more people want to escape from hectic city life.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, you should brush up on your bushcraft skills before any outdoor adventure. This also includes choosing the right clothing. After all, you never know what you might encounter in the wild.

What To Look For In Bushcraft And Survival Clothing

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing clothing for your next bushcraft project or survival trip:

Sufficient storage space

Bushcraft clothing should not only fit comfortably and have a practical shape, but also offer enough storage space for the things you want to take with you. Look for jackets, pants, and vests that have multiple pockets, loops, and straps for storing your knife, map, and any other essentials.

You need dedicated storage for all your survival gear, but you also need easy access to that gear. Find a system that works for you and designate a specific slot for each item. This way you always know where your gear is stowed and can quickly get what you need.

Comfortable, Breathable Fabric That Allows Freedom Of Movement

Comfortable, breathable fabric that allows freedom of movement

When bushcrafting or surviving in the wilderness, it is important that you have adequate mobility. Make sure that you feel comfortable in your clothes, whatever the weather.

Choose clothing made of durable, breathable material that does not restrict your freedom of movement. For example:

schoeller® dynamic. A versatile performance fabric with exceptional stretch.

EtaProof. A densely woven cotton fabric that is wind and water resistant and features exceptional breathability.

Durability And Resistance

Bushcraft clothing must be able to withstand the harsh conditions of the great outdoors. Look for clothing that is made of robust material and has extra reinforcement in critical areas. It should also be resistant to cracks, breaks and scratches.

You don’t want your clothes to let you down at crucial moments. Put simply, your clothing should be able to withstand rough terrain and harsh weather conditions.

Some of the best materials to give you the resilience you need are:

CORDURA. CORDURA consists mainly of nylon and is particularly abrasion-resistant.

Lizard/Skin. A lyocell/polyamide fabric reinforced with ceramic dots for optimal durability and comfort.

ripstop. A fabric with a high strength-to-weight ratio that prevents small tears from propagating and causing large, devastating damage.

NYCo. A nylon-cotton blend that combines the best of both fabrics. Nylon provides tremendous durability while cotton provides exceptional comfort.

Water And Windproof Materials

To stay dry in wet weather, you should look for clothing that is windproof, waterproof or water-repellent. This is especially important if you are bushcrafting in wet or windy weather.

Look for clothing made from waterproof and windproof materials such as:

EtaProof. Its highly technical weave causes the fibers to swell and seal the fabric when it comes into contact with moisture.

GORE TEX. Most GORE-TEX garments feature a laminate construction that provides reliable protection from wind and wet weather.

Quiet Materials

This is a crucial factor, as you don’t want to draw unwanted attention from wildlife or scare away your prey just because your clothes are making frictional noises. EtaProof is an excellent material if you are looking for a quiet garment.

Types Of Survival Jackets

There are three main types of survival jackets:

parka jackets

Bushcraft anoraks

shell jackets

Let’s take a closer look at the individual jacket types.

Parka Jacket

Parka jackets are known for their large pockets and storage space. Parkas in natural colors (as they often are) offer a potential camouflage function so you blend in with your surroundings and are not seen by predators or prey. Parkas can be insulated or non-insulated, and depending on the material used, they can also be weatherproof.

Bushcraft Anorak

Anoraks are a lighter type of survival jacket best suited for moderate weather conditions. They are often made of waterproof and windproof material. The main difference between a bushcraft anorak jacket and a parka is that the latter has a front opening and the former does not.

Shell Jacket

Shell jackets are the lightest type of wilderness jacket. They offer little to no insulation. They are also the most breathable.

This is why shell jackets are not suitable for cold weather. However, shell jackets are well suited for warmer temperatures.

The Perfect Survival Jacket For Bush Crafting

The perfect survival jacket for bushcrafting

Having looked at the different types of survival jackets, let’s determine the best jacket for your next bushcraft project.

Planning a bushcrafting project means you will be exposed to the elements for an extended period of time and will need to carry all of your supplies with you. We would say that a quality parka jacket is the way to go.

The M2 Parka keeps you warm and dry no matter what nature throws at you. The parka made of EtaProof material is comfortable, water-repellent, windproof and has practical pockets.

What Is A Parka Jacket?

A parka jacket is a durable coat that features a hood and large pockets for plenty of storage. It is usually made of high-quality materials that protect the wearer from wind and rain.

Parkas are designed to keep you warm and relatively dry in cold weather. They are perfect for bushcraft and survival tours.

This bushcraft gear is an essential piece of clothing for anyone who wants to stay safe and comfortable in cold weather. Make sure you choose a jacket made of durable, waterproof and windproof material. It should also have plenty of pockets for enough storage space so you can take all your gear with you.

One of the most iconic parka jackets is the well-known M65 Parka. Our M2 Parka is based on its design. The parka jacket is available in black or olive. Fishtail parka jackets have always offered excellent insulation and keep you warm in extreme winter temperatures. In addition, they are characterized by their versatile style, with which you can dress up or down depending on the occasion.


Bushcrafting is about being prepared for any situation. When putting together your survival gear, make sure you have everything you need to be safe and comfortable.

With the right equipment, you can easily and safely master the challenges that come with a bushcrafting adventure. The UF PRO M2 Parka Jacket is the perfect survival jacket for your next bushcraft project because it not only offers excellent protection from the elements, but is also incredibly comfortable and has many pockets in which you can store all your essentials.

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