The Best Tactical Clothing To Protect Yourself From The Cold

In recent weeks we have been able to observe how the temperatures of the thermometer have dropped, something that is aggravated when we are outdoors, at night or in humid areas.

Thus, today’s post is dedicated to recommendations about what tactical clothing cannot be missing in your wardrobe to protect you from the cold this winter.

The Best Tactical Clothing To Protect Yourself From The Cold

How to combat the winter cold with tactical clothing?

As a curiosity, the human body is regulated to function at an internal temperature of between 36 and 37 degrees. In this way, if we are exposed to an environment where the outside is colder than our body, we will lose heat through the conductivity of our skin.

To avoid this, we propose the use of natural or synthetic fibers, specially manufactured to preserve body heat and insulate against cold and humidity. So we must forget about cotton and denim, as they easily get wet and cool our skin.

In order to maintain body heat and at the same time adapt to different temperatures, we recommend:

  1. Wear layers of clothing: In general, three layers are recommended, depending on what you are going to do and the outside temperature. For what reason? If few clothes are worn, the body cools down immediately. However, if we wear too many, we can sweat so much that our clothes get damp, which would be counterproductive.
  2. Protect the head and extremities: attention to the extremities is a priority. Don’t you often feel cold through your hands, feet or head? Wearing hats, hoods, gloves and suitable footwear will insulate us from the cold.
  3. Choose good footwear: as we have mentioned, footwear is an important part when it comes to protecting us from the cold, therefore the boots or footwear must be waterproof, otherwise they will not fulfill their function.
  4. Use the correct materials: in addition to the synthetic fibers that we have already mentioned, there are natural fibers such as wool (goat, sheep, alpaca and vicuña) and merino fiber, which are ideal for coping with low temperatures.
  5. Check the labels: identifying the type of fiber used to make the garments will allow us to understand if we are making a good choice. Stores specializing in the sale of tactical clothing and footwear house optimal products for activities in freezing climates.
  6. Bring spare clothes: it is advisable to bring additional equipment, in case the clothes we wear are not enough or if they suffer some type of damage. Prevention never hurts!

Tactical clothing against cold

We know that fighting the cold and successfully coping with low temperatures makes the difference between resisting a day or being able to enjoy it to the fullest. For this reason, we want to invite you to become aware of how important tactical equipment is in this regard.

Using this type of clothing we will be able to use at all times the right and necessary garments that allow us to be thermally well regulated at all times (changes in temperature, sudden variations in weather, different degrees of physical activity…)

Thermal clothing will make you more comfortable, so we hope that our concepts, advice and recommendations will help you when choosing how to successfully overcome getaways this winter.

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