The Cobra buckle: why you need it!

Ceinture Cobra, Boucle Cobra

Cobra belt, Cobra buckle… a mention of this dangerous snake that we find as soon as it is a belt on the site of La Brigade de l’Equipement, whether it is HSGI products or even more magnificent Blue Alpha Belts!

But this Cobra of which there is so much talk, what is it?

It’s a belt buckle, but not just any belt buckle… it’s THE strongest belt buckle on the market!

An Austrian invention, patented by the AustriAlpin company which, as its name suggests, originally designed it for mountain activities, in particular safety harnesses.

A Principle As Simple As Revolutionary

A Principle As Simple As Revolutionary

The principle is as simple as it is revolutionary: a male part and a female part which clip into each other with a simple gesture, without having to do anything more.
As soon as the safety “click” has been heard, it will no longer come off, unless a force greater than 18kN is imposed on it, or nicely an equivalent of almost 2 tons.

To remove the buckle, two small tenons are to be pressed on the sides of the buckle and it is released as simply as it was closed, without any effort.
It is necessary to press the tenons simultaneously, it is a desired safety to avoid accidental openings. Everything has been thought of!

The D-Ring

Since the original model, the buckle is available in multiple sizes and adjustment possibilities, but the principle is always the same.

We will simply dwell on the so-called D-Ring model, which again revolutionizes the world of the belt by incorporating a D-ring with a resistance of 22kN, directly on the buckle of the belt.

No need to have it sewn on the belt next to your buckle, it saves space and is incredibly efficient and also comfortable to use.

The D-Ring

I already see some who say to themselves “but after all, what’s the use of this D ring and having a belt that can withstand 2 tons of traction… my equipment doesn’t weigh as heavy, let’s see!”.

First answer: first there is the practical aspect of the Cobra buckle which is as simple and quick to put on and take off as a plastic Fastex buckle, unbreakable and 100% reliable in any situation. No accidental breakage or detachment in the event of snagging or somewhat “sporty” intervention.

Second answer (and the most important): it is initially a mountain device, so the loop and the D-ring are made for emergency rappel or helicopter extraction situations. A Petzl carabiner in the ring, a rope, a Swiss seat or an emergency harness and there you are descending a facade or a cliff with your belt alone as the attachment (not to be done without serious training and the supervision of a professional!).

Finally, third and last answer: the buckle resists everything, so you are ready for anything, even to transform your belt into a strap to winch a piece of furniture during a move (yes, yes…)!

Morality: when we do the best, we deserve the best and when we talk about belts, it’s the Cobra buckles.

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