The History Of Camouflage Clothing

Camouflage and its contradictions: from disappearing to appearing, from war to peace.

A trend born in war and used in the late 1960s by women who wore camouflage uniforms in manifesto for peace, a trend born from the need to hide from the enemy and evolved to satisfy the desire not to go unnoticed, is more, to appear beautiful in the eyes of others.

Let’s learn more about the history of camouflage!

The History Of Camouflage Clothing

history and curiosities

In the early 1900s, soldiers wore very bright, solid-colored uniforms, both to create greater distinction between armies during battle and because it was believed that the more conspicuous the color, the more enemies insisted on attack.

With trench warfare, the trend changed and people began to try to make themselves as inconspicuous as possible, to camouflage themselves with the surrounding environment, camouflaging themselves in nature, with colors therefore linked to the landscapes in which battles were fought: black , green, khaki, brown in its different shades.

A curiosity is that the French Army, which was the first to combine the study of camouflage with the armed forces, establishing a true Corps within the French General Headquarters, was however the only one that did not adopt any type of camouflage clothing during the entire Second World War. camouflage.

Unlike the French army, the use of camouflage garments has spread exponentially both in art (suffice it to mention the most famous exponent Andy Warhol and his Camouflage Self-Portrait series, with which the artist experimented with camouflage with colors that are anything but camouflage) and in the huge and eclectic world of fashion, becoming one of the essentials of casual collections and going from the catwalk to all aspects of everyday life.

The news of camouflage

Camouflage covers not only clothes, sweaters and pants, but also underwear and accessories such as shoes, hats, bags, mobile phones and even cars, with a tendency far from wanting to hide.

It is possible to find this type of prints combined with the use of bright colors, even fluorescent, ranging from yellow to shocking pink, through orange, green, white, blue and any combination that comes to mind. fashion gurus.

Thus, we hope that camouflage will continue to evolve and adapt to the trends and demands of fashion, although it will always continue to maintain its true essence.

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