what are tactical pants?

Tactical pants are emerging in an endless stream, and there are two trends, one is complexity, and the function is getting stronger and stronger, and the other is simplification, which is getting closer and closer to ordinary overalls. Another point is that tactics need to be combined with daily needs.

Tactical pants are more durable than ordinary overalls. Reinforcement, jujube, Teflon. These all make tactical pants a good choice for daily use. Whether you are wandering in the streets or in the wilderness, whether you are a pure man or a real woman, tactical pants should at least be one of your equipment.

what are tactical pants?

So, what are the main attributes to measure a tactical pants?

Material selection: CORDURA fabric

DuPont CORDURA (often translated as Cordura/Roasted Sweet Potato) fabric is light, quick-drying, soft, and durable. At the same weight, CORDURA fabrics are twice as durable as standard nylon, three times as durable as polyester, and ten times as durable as cotton canvas. This means that the lighter CORDURA provides the same level of durability as a heavier standard nylon, polyester or cotton canvas.

what are the main attributes to measure a tactical pants?

Is the higher the CORDURA content, the better?

of course not.
If you blindly pursue the durability of CORDURA, this will mean that the material of the clothing is extremely cold and rough. When wearing it, it not only feels very bad to the touch, but also hurts the skin of the human body, thus losing its original meaning; therefore, the content of CORDURA in tactical pants is not as high as possible, but according to different uses demand selection.


Cotton is the seed fiber of the cotton plant of the Malvaceae family, native to the subtropics. Cotton has the characteristics of sweat absorption and artificial fiber appearance, strong water absorption, fast drying, good thermal conductivity and no static electricity. Can withstand the cleaning of strong detergents, not afraid of acid but not alkali.


SP spandex

1. Large extensibility, good shape retention, and no wrinkle;
2. Soft and smooth hand feel, best elasticity, comfortable to wear, and considerate fit;
3. Acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance and aging resistance;
4. It has good dyeability and is not suitable for fading.


Different Maggisian tactical pants design

fabric technology

1. The golden ratio of 15.6% CORDURA gives it excellent abrasion resistance, tear resistance, unparalleled strength, good hand feel and easy care.

2. 81.7% Cotton: Maggisian tactical pants use a combination of cotton and CORDURA, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, high strength, better hygroscopicity than pure cotton, less drop in wet strength, soft and smooth hand feel.

3. 2.7% SP Spandex: Spandex fabrics are often made of composite yarns. Maggi uses spandex as the core, cotton and CORDURA as the cortex to make core-spun elastic fabrics, which have good adaptability to the body, have a crisp appearance and shrink Low rate, durable, easy to wash and dry, no pressure.

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