What is a military boot?

Military boots are footwear designed to be worn by military and security forces around the world, as an integral part of the uniform.

These are tougher, more versatile, and stronger than regular shoes because they’re built to withstand extreme environments and combat situations.

However, this does not mean that they are exclusively for military use, but rather that any civilian can buy them, to guarantee comfortable, strong and extremely durable shoes.

In short, military style boots are ideal for activities such as camping, hunting, extreme sports and any other extreme outdoor adventures.

As in any type of footwear, there are different types of military boots:

Types of military boots

Standard tactics are the most common, those that meet everything expected of a military boot. These are very resistant and are the ones that present the most different types of models.

At the same time, there are high military boots or half boots, which more or less cover the leg. The former offer better grip and stability, while the latter are generally lighter and more comfortable.

There are also assault boots designed specifically to withstand extreme weather conditions, there are models perfect for dense swamps or jungles, and others for walking on frozen and snowy environments.

How to choose the size of your military boots?

A very important aspect to consider before buying your military tactical boots is the size. It’s customary for shoppers to select the same size they wear in regular shoes, but…be careful!

How to choose the size of your military boots?

American Industry military boots tend to run larger, so it is advisable to purchase a size smaller than usual for the perfect fit.

However, this is not the case with European boots, where the size is usually the same as other dress and sports shoes, so in this case, choose your usual size.

Military boots prices

Of course, as with any other product, there are different price ranges for military boots:

Military boots prices

  • Inexpensive military boots: $25 to $50 is considered low end. These don’t have the durability of the more expensive models, but they’re still tough and recommended, especially if this is your first military shoe.
  • Mid-range military boots: between 50 and 100 euros we find mid-range models, even more resistant and solid, with greater durability. At these prices, there are boots that can last for many years and accompany you on many adventures.
  • High-end military boots: those starting at $100. They are made with the best materials available, designed to offer more resistance and comfort. If you want the best for your feet, you’ll find your boots here.

Essential Features of Military Boots

Designed for rough terrain, extreme temperatures and having a very high resistance, military boots have very different characteristics, materials and designs from normal shoes.

In the following lines, we will review the special qualities of military tactical boots, explaining why they are chosen by all military forces around the world.


Of course, the first essential requirement of a military boot is that it be absolutely waterproof.


Most models, regardless of price, have waterproof fabrics and layers to keep feet dry. It’s simple: if it’s not waterproof, it’s not a real military boot.

In addition, many have a system that allows the sweat generated by the foot to be evacuated, which is extremely practical for long journeys (and to avoid bad odors!).

Sole padding

Another essential requirement of military boots is comfort. By their nature, these are designed to be used for long periods of time and on long walks, so it is essential that they are comfortable to wear.

The midsole tends to be cushioned to make every step comfortable and avoid the hard sole. There are many materials, but EVA is particularly recommended, which is a very light and very resistant thermoplastic polymer.

For its part, the sole must be able to withstand different environments without deteriorating. These are usually made of springy, yet strong materials with an irregular base to give better grip and prevent elements such as mud from building up on them.

Reinforced upper

The upper of the boot is the part that protects the ankle and is usually reinforced to prevent injury. Often, the pants are used indoors so as not to get caught by branches or another element.

Reinforced upper

As we have already said; there are high or medium boots, the first has more cane and offers more protection, while the second allows greater flexibility and comfort.

Strong laces and zippers

Police boot laces must also be able to withstand more extreme conditions and wear and tear than regular shoe laces.

So, tactical boots usually have lace material in order to provide better support, especially in the ankle area.

It is recommended that these fittings be made of plastic and not metal, as they are more resistant to changes in the weather, are lighter and wear less on the cords.

Some models are also equipped with side zippers, which make putting on and taking off the boots quicker and easier.

Thermoplastic upper

This element is little known, but absolutely essential. The thermoplastic upper of a military boot is what gives consistency to the tread, and it is usually concentrated in two parts: the heel and the toe.

It is the reinforcement that ensures that the weight is evenly distributed and that one part of the sole does not wear out on another, which in the long run can cause injuries or break the shoe.

Recommended technologies for your military boots

Even though it may not seem like it, the military boot industry is immersed in constant technological development. So, some of the most advanced components and materials are:

Recommended technologies for your military boots

  • I on-Mask: This technology consists of an invisible layer of ions that completely covers the boot. It is not visible to the naked eye, but it adds durability to the shoe and makes it more waterproof.
  • Gore-Tex: Waterproof fabric that lines the inside of the boot, covering the foot from external humidity and protecting it from low temperatures. It is very thin, so it does not bother or notice it.
  • OutDry: As its name suggests, this innovative waterproofing technology that covers the outer part protects the foot from water and other atmospheric agents, while allowing optimal breathability.
  • Vibram: Certainly the best soles on the market. They offer 30% more resistance and grip than standard models. Boots that have this sole usually indicate it with a yellow octagon that says the brand name.
  • ICS: intelligent system of gelatin discs that allows the sole of your boots to adapt to the environment and the specific terrain, obtaining greater softness and versatility.
  • OrthoLite: The most recommended models are those that have this technology. They’re made of polyurethane and recycled rubber, so they provide superior comfort with every step you take.

The best brands of military boots

The choice of shoes can be complex. It is impossible to know the quality and comfort in advance, you will only discover it with use, generally when it is already too late to change them.

The best brands of military boots

For this reason, in order to simplify your decision, we have decided to highlight the best brands of military boots that are synonymous with quality, in all their products and models.

Under Armor Boots

Under Armor really needs no introduction as one of the most recognizable athletic and assault boot brands in the world.

Founded in Maryland in 1996, the North American company sells apparel, footwear and accessories for all kinds of sports and activities, from soccer to hiking.

Mil-Tec Boots

Founded in Rothenburg in 1971, Mil-Tec is a brand belonging to the German company Sturm Handels GmbH, specializing in the manufacture of all kinds of military components and equipment

He is one of the most chosen among the armed forces for his various high-level products, including his excellent boots and backpacks.

Free Soldier Boots

Since its inception in 2008, Free Soldier has been one of the favorite tactical clothing and footwear brands for adventurers around the world.

Its products are specially designed for the outdoors. Among the most notable are his jackets, pants and, mainly, his tactical boots.

Original SWAT Boots

Created in 1999, Original SWAT is a brand specializing in tactical boots whose quality is unquestionable, since they are designed specifically for elite SWAT groups.

These have the strength, comfort, durability and are designed to withstand almost any extreme environment. You will hardly find another brand so reliable to buy tactical and assault boots.

Tactical Boots FAQ

Where to buy military boots?

Like any other product, military boots can be found in physical and virtual stores specializing in the field and particular brands of each model.
At the same time, these can be easily purchased through reliable e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or Decathlon.

What are the best military boots?

Sure; there is no definitive answer to this question. It all depends on your needs, your tastes and how you will use it.
However, what can be guaranteed is that in this article you will find many of the best models on the market gathered to cover the different needs of our readers.

What boots do soldiers wear?

There is no single regulatory model used by the military, it all depends on the particular force and group. American forces, for example, vary between different models of different brands.
Among these, some of the most used are: Bates, Salomon, Lowa Boots, US Patriot Tactical and Original SWAT.

How much do military boots weigh?

Although the weight of the boots is determined by the particular model and even by their size, on average they are estimated to weigh around 1 kg.
Of course, there are lighter models that weigh up to 75 grams and heavier ones that can reach 2 kg.

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