What Is The Importance Of Wearing A Tactical Vest In Combat?

A tactical vest (often called a tactical vest) is a piece of clothing with several pockets and compartments. It is used to store and transport spindly equipment. These are grenade bags, magazine bags, radio stations for radios, flashlights, etc. There are several models of tactical military jackets, and each model corresponds to the profile of a person. Looking for a tactical vest model? You have come to the right site which is Military Surplus.


The tactical vest has been specially designed for the military so that they can easily access tools attached to the combat vest and also protect themselves against bullets since there are bulletproof vests. It is used to store and transport light equipment. These are pockets for grenades, pockets for magazines, cabins for radios, lamps, etc. It also offers protection. For a soldier, a vest is an essential element that ensures his protection and speed in emergency situations.



Airsoft game: the tactical vest will be one of the most important parts of the device. Why? Because it is the central part of your personal defense system, and it is also the nerve center of the attack system. Explanation: The jacket can slightly absorb the impact of natural conditions and marble; moreover, it is used to provide the maximum of appropriate equipment. Because in general you have two main problems, that is, you have to store a number of items and accessories and you are at your disposal. These things and accessories are sometimes crucial.
Paintball game: if you plan to play paintball with family or friends, use a tactical vest to be totally in the game and protect yourself against strong blows. You will look real and talented with the vest.


For hunters, cameras and rescue knives must be in their fluorescent hunting vest, even experienced hunters can’t have enough ammo. The tactical vest makes field operations reliable and can also be used by campers and occasional shooters.


It’s fun to go on an adventure with your favorite pet, that’s why we offer you a tactical vest so you can see here. You could have fun safely with your furry ball and it could also guide you to find prey in the forest. If you are a soldier and you have a war dog, you can equip it with this tactical vest so that it can associate with you and its work as a military dog.


There are generally 4 types of tactical vest on the Military Surplus market:

a tactical vest for military intervention: a tactical vest for military use, called a bulletproof vest, was designed for soldiers who participated in the war. Composed of Kevlar metal plates. This makes it highly resistant to corrosion and provides fire protection.
a tactical vest for airsoft: Airsoft vests reduce the impact of bullets during the game. It is lighter and more practical.
a tactical vest for the police: the police vest essentially allows the leaders of the organization to transfer their work equipment. Therefore, it is different from military uniforms.
A Tactical Vest for Hunters and Adventurers: Vests for hunters and adventurers are essential for easily carrying various items during a hunting trip or walking. It is classified as a tactical vest for individuals.
The main function of the tactical vest is to carry light equipment essential to its activities. Therefore, before choosing a vest, it is necessary to consider the type of equipment to be carried. For this, there are two types of tactical vests: fixed pocket vests and standard pocket vests.

Vests with fixed pockets have a limited storage capacity, as does the number of pockets they contain, and with vests with modular pockets, you can modify the structure of the pockets. It’s about removing, moving or adding pockets as needed.



The weight of the jacket you want to wear is also an important selection criterion. To ensure smooth movement, choose a lightweight tactical vest. On the other hand, if you like the protective function of clothes, choose a heavy coat. It will reduce your mobility, but it can give you better protection against marble and shots. The Touch Vest is a kind of top, and its users can carry light gear for smooth movement. To choose the right jacket, you must first consider the activities to be carried out, the equipment to be carried and the weight of the jacket.


In any case, the most important thing about a tactical vest is its sturdiness. They can be made with RipstopĀ® or 100% military nylon ripstop fabric. 900D Cordura. All these materials are specially selected for their high resistance to wear. Tactical vests are not clothing but accessories, they are designed to support the weight of weapons, ammunition or individual equipment stored or suspended on them. The fabric used to make tactical vests should also be ventilated to prevent perspiration. It is also waterproof or waterproof to protect the contents of the pocket and protect the user from rain.


Rather jungle, desert, snowy, muddy, or even the whole twilight atmosphere … The same goes for the color of your socks like the color of your tactical vest. The most suitable is a vest that imitates your environment, since you go hunting and on adventures, it is better to be more discreet and choose a camouflage-colored tactical vest: army green, khaki, black, gray.

Choosing the right tactical vest according to the circumstances

Be sure to choose the military vest that will suit your missions, you are not going to wear a military tactical vest for walking around or wear a simple tactical vest for a military mission. If you’re going hiking, choose a vest with a medium number of pockets so that the weight doesn’t drop too much on you then you’re just walking, it will tire you out.


As you already know, Military Surplus is a leader in its field, it has the best authentic products in the military equipment market. That’s why we offer you a wide range of lightweight tactical vests that will accompany you during your adventures. Although sometimes it’s hard to make a price comparison everywhere, we guarantee you the best price with durable and better quality. The choice is yours if you want a simple tactical vest on the cheap than a reasonably priced high quality tactical vest on Military Surplus.

Many of our tactical vests have been designed with the MOLLE system


NATO forces primarily use the MOLLE attachment system to attach tethers to their equipment. The system was launched in 1997 to replace the ALICE system since 1973, but it has not been used on a large scale since 2001. In particular, the American army intervened in Afghanistan and then in Iraq.

The name “MOLLE” is an abbreviation for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. Body armor and military backpacks are usually covered with belts sewn horizontally, sewn into flat loops and connected to loops used to attach various accessories (small bags, suitcases, etc.). The advantage of this system is the modularity: users can place other equipment on the vest or the tactical bag at will.

Our tactical vests:

Beverage cooler tactical vest

Beverage cooler tactical vest

Thanks to its charming design, this small tactical vest will definitely satisfy you. It acts as a cork or decoration for a bottle. Practical, this accessory comes with an adjustable belt.

Tactical vest, classic vest for men
Tactical vest, classic vest for men

This tactical vest is perfect for your outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, airsoft, photography, etc. This jacket is comfortable and practical and has plenty of pockets.

Tactical vest, unisex carry bag
Tactical vest, unisex carry bag

This tactical vest combines directionality, comfort and functionality to perfectly complement your hip-hop and street style. It is equipped with an adjustable waistband and two pockets, you can put your things in it, like phones, keys, etc.

Tactical vest, made of high quality 1000D nylon
Tactical vest, made of high quality 1000D nylon

This military equipment is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting and training, as well as for war games, including air guns. The jacket is comfortable to wear and has both practicality and comfort.

Tactical vest, 500D nylon
Tactical vest, 500D nylon

To complete your military equipment, this tactical vest is designed for you. It is ideal for outdoor sports and war games like paintball or airsoft. Treat yourself to four practical, durable and lightweight colors.

Tactical vest, camouflage and training vest
Tactical vest, camouflage and training vest

This tactical vest is designed for your outdoor activities, especially equestrian sports. This tactical vest has multiple pockets for large capacity storage, a zipper closure and an adjustable waist belt that can be removed for easy carrying.

High quality 600D oxford tactical vest
High quality 600D oxford tactical vest

To accompany you in military service and even hiking or camping, this vest is comfortable and resistant. You can ship small equipment there, including an ammo dump. This practical accessory is easy to carry and disassemble. Removable for storage.

Nylon mesh and polyester tactical vest
Nylon mesh and polyester tactical vest

This tactical military vest is comfortable and breathable. Large storage capacity. Practical, the device has a detachable and adjustable belt and an adjustable magic belt. Your outdoor activities, war games, military training and shooting training.

900D high density polyester tactical vest
900D high density polyester tactical vest

This tactical vest is durable and can be adjusted to fit your waist and shoulders. It is equipped with three adjustable pockets for storing ammunition, a pocket for storing maps and a lightweight bag for storing medicine.

Tactical dog vest
The vest is made of a durable filler material. It is equipped with an adjustable belt and belt attachment ring, and four easy-to-open buckles. It is the ideal equipment in this field.

Looking for a tactical vest will not be a problem for you now, we offer you a lot of quality tactical vests that will be useful for every adventure you plan to practice next season. Military Surplus is a specialist in the field, it has several items for different uses, but if you ever have any questions or doubts regarding the operation of our products, I invite you to contact us immediately so that our teams experts gives you a satisfactory answer and a successful choice in your orders. We guarantee you total satisfaction for the order, the delivery, the price and the quality of the products. So? It’s worth it isn’t it? we are waiting for you then!!

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